This is an open letter to any person affiliated with Disney.
We received your complaint and closure demands on May 20th and immediately complied by disabling access to our server. We invited you to discuss what material was perceived to have been in violation of your intellectual property, however, as we’ve received no response from you, this letter is being openly made to inform you of our intentions going forward.

We’ve reopened our server with most features and other content disabled in order to further review and remove any material that may be perceived as violating your intellectual property. At this moment, we believe we’re in compliance with your demands. If you feel otherwise, please contact us immediately through our support email listed below. Also, please be advised that we have switched hosts, and ownership has changed. Your method of contact to our previous host will not reach us.

Your initial complaint accused us of “hosting infringing copies of Club Penguin artwork and software programs”. Steps are being taken to remove "artwork" that may have been perceived as Disney’s intellectual property. The “software programs” you referred to is presumed to refer to the downloadable game we’ve developed. All content within this program is also being reviewed and reworked as necessary. All models were already independently modeled, and so this does not violate Disney’s intellectual property.

Trademarking was not an issue mentioned in your complaint, and so we will not be changing names. To clarify we are known as “CP3D”. We still encourage you to reach out to us to resolve this matter in an official capacity, so please take the opportunity to do so at any time.

Support Email: [email protected]

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Play classic Club Penguin inspired mini-games in 3D such as Hydro-Hopper, Ice fishing or Pizzatron 3000 to earn coins!

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There are 5+ different pets to adopt - all with unique personalities!

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What's CP3D about?

CP3D is a free virtual world inspired after Disney's Club Penguin. We offer everything Club Penguin had, but with a 3D twist using the Unity game engine! If you're looking for fun, friends and minigames then look no further than CP3D!